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The dream of long white beaches, crystal clear tropical warm water and hot Caribbean rhythms comes true in Cuba. With its extraordinarily beautiful Varadero beach, the keys or the wild romantic coast of Guardalavaca, Cuba offers the perfect Caribbean experience.

Western Cuba is characterized by tobacco plantations, beautiful and unusually shaped mountain ranges, thick tropical vegetation, extensive cave systems and remote beach locations perfect for snorkeling and scuba diving. Pinar del Rio is home to two of Cuba’s six biosphere reserves and has a very remarkable landscape: the Viñales Valley, declared a world heritage site by the UNESCO.


Whilst we feel that the key attraction for visitors to Cuba is its historic colonial towns and fascinating cultural and political aspects, Cuba does have miles of beautiful coastline and numerous pristine cays. It should be noted however that the beach resorts themselves play host to large shared-interest international resorts to suit a variety of tastes.

Cuba's oldest resort area is Varadero just a couple of hours drive from Havana and further east you can find Cayo Santa Maria, both of which offer large all - inclusive hotels. In both resorts we offer the best accommodation available although these hotels are not able to offer the more luxurious type of property that is to be found on neighbouring Caribbean islands.

Whilst there is no historical or architectural interest at these resorts, the beach, the sea and the facilities do represent a good place to unwind for a day or two after some time spent exploring Havana and Trinidad.

  • Maria La Gorda - 3*
    1 night starting from USD 31
    Maria La Gorda
    This hotel, located in the most western corner of Cuba, is the ultimate diving paradise. Visitors can enjoy crystal-clear and warm waters in 39 diving spots with abundant marine life and extraordinarily beautiful coral reefs.
  • Villa Cabo San Antonio - 3*
    1 night starting from USD 40
    Cabo San Antonio
    The hotel is located in the most western tip of Cuba and in the UNESCO biosphere reserve of Guanahacabibes, one of the most virgin regions of Cuba. Surrounded by sea and jungle, Villa Cabo San Antonio is ideal for diving and nature lovers.


There are a number of factors which will influence the price of your travel arrangements, including the standard of hotel (we offer a variety of standards from three-star (medium) to First Class), the season, the duration of your trip, and the complexity of the itinerary.