Tailor Made Holidays in Borneo

The Borneo jungles contain some of the oldest undisturbed areas of rainforest in the world. Its sheer, jagged valleys offer shelter to a variety of animals, such as elephants, the orang-utan and proboscis monkeys. Some of the best and most spectacular areas of rainforest have been incorporated into National Parks, which to some extent, are a good enough reason to make the effort to visit Borneo. You cannot help but be captivated by the wonderful diversity of plant and wildlife to be found.


tailor-made holidays are designed to offer complete freedom of choice. The itineraries featured are designed to give you a flavour of your chosen destination and can be tailored to suit your preferences.

If you have a particular trip in mind that is not featured here, let us design a holiday around you, to match your interests, tastes and budget, and created with an absolute commitment to quality.

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